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International Grand Lodge of Druidism


The first Druid Lodge in the United States was founded 1832 by AOD Brothers at New York, two years before UAOD England came into existence.

The development of lodges in the United States was heavily influenced by the long distance and sailing time to England. This favoured a reorganisation in 1839 under the new name United Ancient Order of Druidism which, at that time, had nothing to do with UAOD England.

Frederick Sieg, from German origin, in 1859 founded the California-Grove at Placerville, California. Br. J. Hafky, promoter of the German Druid-Order, came from California as well.

In Paramaribo, Surinam, a District Deputy of the Supreme Grove of the USA is responsible for these 2 UAOD lodges: Minerva Lodge No. 1 and Integrity Lodge No. 2.

Photo: F. Sieg Column Placerville

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