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IGLD 1908:   UK AOD

International Grand Lodge of Druidism


The Ancient Order of Druids (AOD) is the parent order of modern Druidism. Its coat of arms emphasizes its main and still modern principles: justice, benevolence and friendship.

UK lodges demanding a compulsory sick and funeral fund, broke away in 1834 and called themselves United Ancient Order of Druidism (UAOD).

Other splits followed until 1850. Still active today are the AOD, the Order of Druids and the Sheffield Equalised Order of Druids.


Source: Svensk Druid Tidning 5/2015

UAOD UK unfortunately ended in 1999.

As of April 2015 AOD UK consists of 3 regional Grand Lodges at Kent, Coventry and Great Yarmouth.

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AOD UK Coat of Arms