IGLD 2016/17

IGLD 1908:  SE

International Grand Lodge of Druidism


The first Druid lodge in Sweden was chartered in 1904 at Malmoe under the jurisdiction of UAOD Germany. Gustav Smith was the initiator. Additional Lodges followed at Trelleborg (Stella Polaris, 1906) and Malmoe ( Mimer, 1913).

In 1954, 50 years later, UAOD Sweden had already 2500 Brothers working in 40 lodges.

In September 2015, during an SGLD meeting at Goeteborg, the hosting country could proudly announce that 4970 Brothers are successfully working today in 71 lodges, 840 of them are IGLD members. 27 recipients were introduced at this occasion, among them 1 from Finland and 1 from Germany.

“5000” remains to be a magic number and everything possible is done to reach it. Good luck!

There are plans to charter a new Grand Lodge (Südvestanland”. AdditionallySept 7, 2016 has been fixed for a new Lodge “Samain” at Uppsala. Futhermore efforts continue to charter new lodges in Finland during the forthcoming 4 year period.

For many years already FGDO Sverige has a close co-operation with AOD UK. Information and successful methods for recruiting new members are exchanged to assist AOD to stabilize membership and charter new lodges again.

Göteborg_Gatenhielmska_Huset, Home Logen Iris

Photo: Gathenhielmska Huset at Goeteburg, Home Lodge Iris 



  • UAOD Sweden will have “RIKSMOETE” July 28-30, 2017 at Linkjoeping.
  • Druid Golf Championship: Aug 26, 2016 at Orresta

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