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International Grand Lodge of Druidism


“Losje Nordstjernen”,  Independent Order of Druids (UDO), was the first Druid Lodge in Norway; it was founded February 9, 1935 in Oslo. Additional lodges followed at Horten and Toensberg. In March 1939 the Scandinavian Grand Lodge UDO installed the first Norwegian Grand Lodge.

After World War II a new beginning was necessary.  April 25, 1954 UAOD Sweden accepted membership of the Norwegian Grand Lodge UDO. Norway got its official UAOD Charter and became member of IGLD.

The development was extraordinary. At the end of 1986 UAOD Norway had 1337 Brothers in 23 lodges and has now grown up to nearly 3000 Brothers working in more than 60 Lodges,  including nearly 1100 IGLD members.

In 1996 UAOD Norway chartered the first Druid Lodge in Iceland. 12 years later Grand Lodge Isafold was founded and a new Lodge GAIA added September 7, 2013.

It is worth mentioning, that the development of  Birgitta-Lodges in Scandinavia was successfully supported since the early 1980ies.

UAOD Norway is supporting work and science of Radium Hospitalets Legater for many years.

IGLD had 3 World Congresses in Norway: 1964 in Oslo, 1976 at Bergen and 2004 at Hamar.


The Norwegian magazine „Barden 1-2016“ reminds that 45 years ago after a period of long and intensive discussions a new degree was introduced:  the 7th degree, also called Knight`s Degree or in Norwegian RIKS OLD ERK Degree. The first ritual and constitutive meeting took place at Sandefjord February 28, 1971.
Note:  in January 1956 this degree was already introduced in Sweden.


2016:  Lodge Phythagoras meets German Brothers
from Berlin in Oslo, Parkveien

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