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International Grand Lodge of Druidism

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On August 27, 1921 the first Druid Lodge was founded in Denmark: Lodge Gral No. 1 in Copenhagen, at that time working under the jurisdiction of UAOD Sweden. In 1923/24 Lodge Parsifal No. 2 and Lodge Artus No. 3 followed.

On March 7, 1934 Lodge Mona (ODO) was chartered in Copenhagen. 20 years later it joined UAOD Denmark.

On April 26, 1947 a national Grand Lodge was officially established. Shortly afterwards UAOD Denmark joined IGLD.The 17th IGLD World Congress was held in Copenhagen in 1979. At that time, UAOD Denmark comprised 8 lodges already with more than 300 Brothers.

Today Denmark has two Grand Lodges: GL Jutlandia, chartered May 1, 1982  and GL Selandia, chartered March 3, 1991. About 250 Brothers are organized in 9 lodges. UAOD Denmark is active part of SGLD and has appr. 90 IGLD members.

IGLD Grand President for  the 2008/2012 period was Br. Mogens Petersson, UAOD Denmark. Together with his Officers he did his utmost to welcome Brothers from all over the world in 2012 when IGLDīs World Congress took place in Copenhagen.

Since  “Rigsmoedet 2010” UAOD Denmark is building up a Humanitarian Fond.

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