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International Grand Lodge of Druidism


In December 1872 Bro Joseph Hafky, UAOD USA, California, chartered the 1st Druid community in Germany: our “Dodona Lodge No. 1” in Berlin which is still in existence. The development of the Order in Germany was remarkable. About 260 Lodges until 1933 had initiated more than 12500 Brothers. The Hitler regime forced the Order to liquidate in 1935.

After World War II the revival started again in 1947. Today UAOD Germany  is working in 62 Lodges and 7 Grand Lodges. Every 4 years the “Ordenstag” meets electing besides other important business the presidency of the Order.

Completely separate from the German Order, but associated and accepting the ritual framework, are three newly initiated Druid Lodges for Ladies.

The social and beneficial function of the order is fulfilled through the “Druiden-Hilfe e.V.” and by means of many individual charity events in the region.

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