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International Grand Lodge of Druidism


Uto-Lodge” was the name of the first Druid Lodge in Switzerland. It was founded in October 1912 and renamed in May 1913 as “Arnold-Winkelried-Lodge” working under the jurisdiction of UAOD Germany until 1935.

In the early 1960s a group of former Odd Fellows took the initiative again to found a new Druid Lodge at Basel.

November 7, 1962, the “Jakob- Burkhardt-Lodge” was installed, followed 3 years later by the “Rudolf-von-Tavel-Lodge” and others.

After an interim-period two Grand-Lodges could successfully be unified.

In 1980 UAOD Switzerland joined IGLD.

Switzerland and Germany regularly have common IGLD meetings; the last one was held at Luzern in September 2015.

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